History of the Johnston Garden

History of the Johnston Waterwise Garden
by Diane Patterson
The Johnston Waterwise Garden came to be because of Olive Belcher approaching your mom when both were at lunch one day. Olive is one of 3 members of the Bob and Delores Johnston Foundation. The foundation members solicit grant applications from organizations they are interested in. Olive had heard of the work the Wednesday Weeders were doing and asked Barb if the WW could come up with a project the Foundation could support. Barb had heard Jim Munch talk of the grassy slope next to the waterfall under the Victoria Street Bridge and of how popular a spot it was for visitors to take pictures. Jim also mentioned he could imagine the slope someday transformed to a field of colorful plantings.

Barb talked to Diane Patterson who found out the requirements of applying, met with HARP, came up with a design, met with the landscape contractor, wrote and submitted the grant. After learning KPB had received the grant Diane set out to find and purchase all the plants, using local growers as much as possible. Following the design the contractor built and installed the terraces and irrigation system. In the spring of 2012 the WW planted all the perennials and shrubs with the contractor planting the larger trees and bringing in pea gravel to use as mulch. That fall many bulbs were planted. 
Each year since, the Wednesday Weeders maintained the garden and replaced plants, shrubs and bulbs as needed.